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双语科普:女生在一起久了 大姨妈真的会同步?

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It's a belief touted in chick flicks and in university dorm rooms. But the idea that women's menstrual cycles become synchronised when they spend time together is a myth, one expert has claimed.


Dr Alexandra Alvergne, associate professor in biocultural anthropology at the University of Oxford, says this theory is flawed, and women's periods overlapping is more likely down to chance than an evolutionary adaptation.

牛津大学生物文化人类学副教授亚历山德拉 埃尔沃格尼博士说这个理论是错误的,并且女性经期重叠现象更可能只是巧合而非进化过程中的适应性变化。

It is a popular belief that women who live together synchronise their menstrual cycles, and that it's mediated by their pheromones.


These are the airborne molecules that enable members of the same species to communicate non-verbally.


The idea originated in a study published in the journal Nature in 1971, which looked at 135 American college students living in a dormitory and recorded data on when their periods began.


The dorm had four corridors each with around 25 girls living in single and double rooms.


Based on the analysis of around eight menstrual cycles per woman, the study reported an increase in synchronisation - that is, a decrease in the difference between the date their period began for room mates and among closest friends.


But among random pairings in the dormitory, there was no decrease.


The author hypothesised so-called synchronisation was driven by the amount of time that women spent together, as this would allow for pheromone communication.


Since then, so-called 'socially mediated synchrony' has been intensely studied in various groups of women, such as room mates, co-workers, lesbian couples and women from high fertility populations – and in a number of animal species, including rats, baboons and chimpanzees.


The theory goes that synchronisation leads to females becoming sexually receptive - which is known as being 'on heat' in the animal kingdom - at the same time.


The most popular one is that it enables females to minimise the risk of being monopolised by a single dominant male, and thus make it easier for them to have more than one mate.


In fact, one analysis of 19 primate species found a dominant male had less control over reproduction if all females were receptive at the same time.


However, there is now accumulating evidence that casts serious doubt on the existence of the phenomenon.


First, the original 1971 study was criticised on methodological grounds.


Second, a number of studies with both human groups and non-human species failed to replicate the initial findings, with at least as many studies reporting positive results as studies reporting negative ones.


Mathematical analyses have also revealed that some degree of synchrony is to be expected given shifts in female reproductive system over time.


No adaptive process needs to be invoked to explain what is observed.


In other words, synchrony - or the overlap of cycles between females - is best explained by chance.


There is now overwhelming evidence to suggest that menstrual synchrony in humans is no more than a quirk derived from a study using flawed methods that has since turned into an urban myth.



chick flick:针对女性的浪漫电影

menstrual cycle:月经周期




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